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Meet the Warriors




Jai has been on this journey for just shy of a decade; Starting in her backyard with a bow from ebay, fiberglass arrows, and a 14 year old horse. Now, she's building CMW with the help of her best friends, a quiver full of arrows, a real horsebow, and that horse is now 22 years old, carrying her against the Knights of Mayhem and training tots the art of mounted archery


Vice President

Taylor Harden has brought a fresh perspective and energy that has inspired innovation throughout Cascade Mounted Warriors. Her horse Stormy is a beautiful Tennessee Walker gelding and watching the two of them work together brings a tear to the eye. We can't wait to see what new things the pair bring!



Public Relations Guru

LaDia has been around since the very beginning of CMW, joining just before the switch from Cascade International Mounted Archery.
She only has a small amount of experience with horses, beginning with her first pony Jojo that she had as a young thing. Her love for archery began with a compound and then grew when she was introduced to horseback archery and renaissance faires by her friend, Jai
Still inexperienced with horses, she sticks to ground archery and spending the day with friends and family, watching her little girl learn how to shoot and ride horses from the other members. She has met many wonderful people throughout her journey and hopes to meet many more in the future!
Thank you LaDia for all of your support and being the Mom-Friend to a group of heathens!


Team member

Ashley is one of the newest members of our team.
Horses have been a huge part of her life from the beginning, so much so that, after years of riding other friends’ horses, her parents bought her first pony on the last day of 5th grade. The rest is history. Her equine teachers have been a stubborn little Shetland named Buttercup, then in 7th grade, a sweet Tennessee Walker named Curley Sue, and finally in high school she found her best friend; a Missouri Fox Trotter named Sophie.
While she has had experience with compound bows, she was only recently introduced to the world of traditional archery this past fall and has been hooked ever since!
"I’m looking forward to learning more this year."

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Junior Member

IvaKai grew up surrounded by her sister's horses and when she was old enough was dragged into the sport by that same sister. She is a huge help and shows great talent even for one so young. Keep it up Small Child!

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